11214 Five (5) Pound Purple K Fire Extinguisher


Five (5) pound potassium bicarbonate fire extinguisher that is designed for BC type fires. Manufactured to ANSI/UL 299 and ANSI/UL 711 standards. US Coast Guard approved for Type B:C Size 1. Valid only with bracket number A-6. P/N 700270.

Capacity: 5 pounds/2.27 kg
UL Rating: 20 B:C
Aluminum Valve
Range: 12-18 feet/3.7-5.5 meters
Discharge Time: 9 seconds
Cylinder: Steel
Height: 16.375 inches/41.6 cm
Width: 7.25 inches/18.4 cm
Diameter: 4.25 inches/10.8 cm
Ship Weight: 9.5 pounds/4.3 kg