About Us: Your Safety Supply Source

Founded in 1960, Western Glove & Safety Supply’s mission has always been to deliver the highest quality customer service, in the safety products industry. We’re more than a supplier, we are a partner! With a great deal of expertise, we can deliver the right product at the right price. Located in Spokane, Washington, our warehouse is centrally located to best serve Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and parts of Montana. Our truck route system guarantees reliable delivery of all our products directly to your door. Our commitment to delivering what our customers need, when they need it, has earned us the reputation for being “ Your Safety Supply Source for ANYTHING YOU NEED!” 

Western Glove & Safety Supply stocks all types of gloves: mechanic gloves, chemical gloves, welding gloves and gardening gloves. We also carry a large variety of safety supplies and equipment such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, hard hats, respirators, hi-viz apparel, protective eyewear and so much more. We really do have it all!

Our sales representatives are product experts and industry insiders. By working with individual customers, to determine what sells best in each region, we help deliver the greatest return on investment. Each drop-in display is custom tailored for maximum sales in minimum time. 

We work harder for our customers, because it’s not just business, we are your partner!