B-26 Wingmate Safety Shields


The B-26+® Wingmate's new, exclusive design incorporates patented, and vertically oriented, SafetyWings® to shield delicate facial areas surrounding the eye cavity. Frontal or side impacts on common sideshields often result in facial lacerations and/or bone fracture when those shields are forcibly driven into the face. With the new B26+, Kinetic energy from impact is evenly dispersed over the SafetyWing® surface rather than propelling thin sharp edges found on other side shields toward the face.

The B-26+® Universal Sideshield is designed to meet all of the compliance issues of ANSI Z87.1-2003 on small to medium safety frames. The CC-26 comfort cushions allow custom facial fitting that minimizes injuries from wind blown particulates (installation optional). Glacier Clear Tint reduces objectionable distractions from glare, increasing visual comfort and productivity.

All SIDEWEAR™ sideshields are universally adjustable and quickly adaptable to safety frame shapes and sizes spanning the spectrum of those found in the workplace.