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Lined Leather

1511T Thinsulate Cowhide Driver

 Grain cowhide driver, keystone thumb, shirred back, Thinsulate lining. 


PRICE: $16.99

2150H Lined Deerskin Palm Knit Back Glove

A grade golden deerskin palm lined mechanic style glove with black stretch back, Velcro closure, and neoprene knuckle. 


PRICE: $24.99

T175 HeatSaver Grain Goatskin

HeatSaver thermal lined grain goatskin mechanic style glove with breathable spandex back and Velcro wrist strap. 


PRICE: $16.49

T5505 Thinsulate Grain Deerskin

Thinsulate thermal lined, grain deerskin driver, keystone thumb, self hemmed, premium grade.


PRICE: $25.99

T55170 Thermal Lined Suede Cowhide

Fleece thermal lined, suede cowhide driver, keystone thumb, fabric hemmed premium grade.


PRICE: $7.49

T55190 Pile Lined Suede Cowhide

Heavy pile thermal lined, suede cowhide driver, keystone thumb, shirred elastic back, self hemmed.


PRICE: $8.99

T5521 HeatSaver Grain Deerskin

HeatSaver thermal lined, grain deerskin leather palm, breathable spandex back, velcro wrist strap premium grade, wing thumb.


PRICE: $24.99

T5765 Lined Grain Goatskin

Lined grain goatskin with fleece thermal lining, premium grain goatskin palm, and grain suede back and wing thumb.


PRICE: $18.99