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098-1246011 DBI Sala EZ Stop Lanyard

DBI Sala® EZ Stop™ shock absorbing lanyard. Load capacity of 310 lbs. [MAX]. Navy blue and yellow in color. Includes DBI Sala® i-SAFE™ identification tag,...

PRICE: $109.00

098-1340161 Protecta PRO Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Protecta PRO™ stretch shock absorbing lanyard with a load capacity of 900 lbs. [MAX]. Lanyard features rebar hook connection type, is made of polyester material,...

PRICE: $169.99

098-1340180 Protecta PRO Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Protecta PRO™ shock absorbing lanyard that features durable polyester webbing and energy absorbing design. Load capacity is 900 lbs. [MAX] with a rebar hook connection....

PRICE: $88.69

098-AD111A Protecta Rebel Self Retracting Lifeline

Protecta Rebel™ self retracting lifeline that is lightweight and has a compact aluminum housing construction. Load capacity is 5000 lbs. [MAX]. Lifeline has a carabiner...

PRICE: $199.00