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Girls Winter Apparel

00332 Toe Socks

Girl"s Acrylic Knit Toe Socks. Assorted strips and patterns.  Assorted Colors.  One size fits most.


PRICE: $3.39

00734 Girls Acrylic Knit Peruvian Helmet

Girls Acrylic Knit Peruvian Helmet. COLORS: Assorted  Size 7-14


PRICE: $7.99

00737 Girls Micro-Fleece Headband

Girls Micro-Fleece Headband with faux fur lining. COLORS: Assorted.  One-size-fits-most


PRICE: $4.99

00755 Girls Knit Helmet

Girls Jacquard Knit Peruvian helmet hat, fleece lined with tassels. Assorted colors


PRICE: $6.99

20213 Girls Taslon With Tusser Ski Glove

Girls Taslon with Tusser Ski Glove. Velcro wrist strap, acrylic knit cuff, sure grip palm patch, THINSULATE Insulation, waterproof. COLORS: Assorted.  Size 7-14


PRICE: $8.99

20226 Girls Taslon Ski Glove 4-6x

Girls Taslon Ski Glove, THINSULATE Insulation, acrylic knit cuff, sure-grip patch palm. COLORS: Assorted. Size 4-6x


PRICE: $6.99

20236 Girls Thinsulate Ski Glove 7-14

Tusser snowboard glove with snowflake embroidery, web pull wrist strap with clear rubber tab, draw cord, and stupper, rubber-tech palm patch, thinsulate insulation, waterproof.


PRICE: $12.49

35081 Girls Magic Stretch with Patterns

 Girls magic stretch glove with patterns.


PRICE: $2.99

35115 Girls 2-in-1 Stretch Acrylic Knit Glove

Girls 2-in-1 Stretch Acrylic Knit Glove. Dots fingerless glove over full finger glove. COLORS: Assorted.  One-size-stretch


PRICE: $3.99

36120 Acrylic Gripper Magic Stretch

 Acrylic knit magic stretch glove with PVC gripper dot palms. 


PRICE: $2.49