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Fire Extinguishers

700287 Dry Chemical and Halotron Fire Extinguisher Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket for all two and a half (2.5) pound dry chemical and Halotron fire extinguishers. Model number A-2.

Reference Diameter: 3.375 inches


PRICE: $7.00

BL108 Fire Extinguisher Arrow Sticker

Adhesive "Fire Extinguisher" sign with red letters in a white arrow. Measures 4" x 12". Area to put fire extinguisher type and location


PRICE: $2.99

Fire Extinguisher Arrow Sign

Aluminum "Fire Extinguisher" arrow sign. "Fire Extinguisher" is in red letters inside a white arrow. Arrow is surrounded by red. Measures 4" x 18" and is...

PRICE: $8.99